Moonbeam Caregiver Award

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The First Annual Moonbeam Caregiver award was granted to Ethan’s first caregiver and daycare provider, Lori Peickert, on September 6th, 2014. Recognizing the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with Batten Disease and Rare Disease, exceptional caregivers go above and beyond, or should we say, “to the moon and back,” to provide care with the utmost compassion, respect, and focus on quality of life. This award will be presented annually to a special caregiver of individuals with Batten Disease or Rare disease who exemplifies "a shining example of caring and compassion" and who strive to bring more time, hope and adventure to those whose lives they touch.

4th Annual Moonbeam Caregiver Award - 2017

Nominations for caregivers will be accepted starting April 20th, 2017, until May 20th, 2017, and must include the following:
1: The first and last name of the person you are nominating and their relationship to the individual(s) with Batten Disease
2: The first and last name of the person making the nomination and your relationship to the caregiver
3: How long the nominee has been caring for the individual(s) with Batten Disease
4: A description of how this caregiver is special to you and what they do to improve the quality of life of individuals with Batten Disease.

You can submit a nomination by filling out the form below.


Additional Details:

*Caregivers, from past or present, will be considered. A caregiver is a trained professional, family member, volunteer, or anyone else who is considered to be a primary caregiver to individuals with Batten Disease.

*Nominations will be accepted no later than 11:59PM CST on May 20th, 2017.

*Caregivers can be re-nominated each year, however, nominations for past recipients of the Moonbeam Caregiver Award will not be considered at this time.

*The Caregiver Award Selection Committee will review nominations and select the recipient of the Moonbeam Caregiver Award.

*All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and a copy of their nomination letter(s).

*The recipient of the 2017 Moonbeam Caregiver Award will be recognized on the Ethan’s Reason website and social media pages on Batten Disease Awareness Weekend (June 3rd-4th, 2017). They will receive a glass “mooncatcher” award and a gift card.

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